Magna Tiles have been developing well-known magnetic building blocks for more than 20 years. Not just the kids love these toys, but also the parents and teachers are fans! Teachers like to integrate the open-ended play into their lessons, etc. really educational!

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Open ended play

This toy from Magna Tiles has no limits. Everything is possible, everything is allowed. Encourage the creativity and endless fantasy of your child with the Magna tiles sets in different shapes and sizes.

The figures, shapes, etc. that your child makes, now come to life with the Magna-Tiles Metropolis sets. In these sets, the latest and brightest colors were used that this toy brand has currently developed. And magnetic tiles become lifelike by their moving shapes! Yay!

Let the creativity of your little sprout run free! And let your child develop their fine motor skills by playing with no limits.

There are also different kinds of sets. You have the smaller sets of 19 tiles or the bigger ones of a 100 piece set for example.

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