Travel Beds

Time for some vacation! Are you going to leave for a weekend or will you put in the sun for two weeks? Always make sure, you enjoy this family time! With a child, this brings of course some extra plan work!

Is there no cot provided where you go? Or does your child just like to sleep in a private bed? We understand this completely and that is why you will also find a lot of travel beds in our assortment!

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Aeromoov travel beds

These Aeromoov Travel beds are super handy and drafted in a few seconds! The travel cubes are light and compact, ideal to take with you on vacation or a sleeping party at the grandparents! A qualitative mattress is supplied with the Aeromoov travel bed. Optimal sleeping comfort for your child!

Discover all travel beds here at the range of De Gele Flamingo! 


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