Wishbone Bike

Wishbone is a wonderful family business in Wellington New Zealand. At Wishbone Design they develop the nicest bikes, balance bikes that are convertible, ... with always an important aspect for eyes: simplicity. At Wishbone you will find easy toys that really works, your child will enjoy it for years!

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Wishbone Bike Original
The original wishbone bikes are made from wood from durable managed forests. These growth bikes can be used as a tricycle for kids from 1 year. Is your child 2 years old? Then you build this Wishbone Bike to get to a tough balance bike for your little UK!

Wishbone bikes personalized
Personalize your Wishbone Bike! Your child personalizes his or her walking bike with the universal nameplates! This nameplate can personalize your capon at home. That way your child has never lost his or her bicycle, because it has a personal touch!

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