Toddlekind is a young company founded in 2018 in Germany. Playmats that are functional and also beautiful in your interior.

At Toddlekind, they choose functional because the kids have to play endlessly. They experience most of their time on the ground and so you should of course pay the necessary attention to it.

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Does your flamingo also like the food? The Toddlekind splat mat can take your capon from now on as he or she wants to make without places on your beautiful floor. These carpets are easy to clean with a damp cloth to switch to a dry cloth afterward. They are waterproof so perfect for a craft and paint afternoon or to picnic!


Does your capon also play on the ground with his or her toys too often? With the Toddlekind play mat are they super comfortable on the floor! These playing mats are soft square rugs that jig into each other.

Infinitely many combinations possible on which infinite fun follows! 1 package contains 6 tiles. Do you like to combine different colors and /or prints together? You make them so big or as small as you want.

Discover all the playing mats that we selected from Toddlekind!


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