Gingko was founded in 2011 by Paul and Natalie Sun. With their passion for design and art, they started this story together. At Gingko they bring Functionality and elegance together in their products. With the stylish and innovative designs that Gingko always develops, they are now as a market leader in the gift sector.

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Functional and timeless gingho items
At Gingko they always have one goal in mind. Manufacture timeless products that are unique, functional and sustainable for customers. Gingko comes from an age-old tree that is currently one of the oldest trees in the world. At Gingko they produce sustainable, beautiful, but also functional products. All this based on the Gingko Biloba Boom.

The Gingko alarm clock Flip Click Clock is made from natural wood . This alarm clock is designed to improve your entire experience of daily alarms. This makes Gingko by integrating their popular sound-controlled LED clock system together with the laser engraved Touch Control top and the new flip-alarm technology. These Gingko flips have a timeless design

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