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So nice to store your child's snack in a nice or Matchy snack box, right? You will find delicious nice snack boxes from Liewood, Done by Deer, Blafre, ... at De Gele Flamingo.

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Blafre snack boxes
For example, you have the Blafre snack boxes in unique shapes. Is your child a real tractor fan? Then the Blafre Catering Board in the form of a cool tractor really something for your capon! You often find the Blafre forms in a nice bread box, completely matchy so!

Eef Lillemor snackboxes
also find the Eef Lillemor snack boxes in a set of 3. These nice snack boxes each have another format . Super handy, then you don't have to put a great cake in a mini cooling box. 😊

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