Done by Deer

Done By Deer is a Danish company, founded in December 2014 by designer Helena Hjorth. With this company, they focus their focus on modern lifestyle products for families with babies and toddlers. Done by Deer puts the focus on Fun and Scandinavian design in their children's products.

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Food time with Done by Deer

Feed your baby with the Done By Deer silicone dining sets! The silicone plates have several fun forms and are divided into several compartments. That's how the food stays beautifully separated.

Has your toddler eaten completely empty his or her sign? Then he or she sees a super nice elephant, crocodile, or a plate in the shape of a fish.

Does your little one play during the food? Then there are these Silicone signs definitely for you! If you press this eating plate on the table (smooth surface), it secures itself. This way your capon can eat his or her plate well without taming too much.

Furthermore, Done By Deer Infinite offers a lot of Game Fun With a nice Swing or a puzzle. Curious about the items that we selected from this brand? Shop them here!


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