In 2016, Nixnut started this family business with a small collection. This company is led by two Dutch sisters, Otti and Renée Nix. They have grown strongly, but don't have the ambition to become the largest. They lay a unique style in combination with simplicity and refined details in their children's products.

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NixNut clothing collection
at NixNut they create timeless Clothes for our small capons. Here you will find the cost-like Salopets , Dresses , shorts to Clothing your capon completely! At NixNut they always give soft, earth tones to the collection. You can therefore combine these clothes in other words. And your capon experiences endlessly with the clothes of Nixnut.

Quality above quantity
The quality of each collection for your baby goes above the amount at NixNut. All items are made within a Fair Trade handmade production. Here they attach great importance and that is why they only work together with producers who are just as passionate as the two sisters.

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