Wobbel starter blank lacquered - Without felt

Brand: Wobbel

The Wobbel starter is a real My First Wobbel. Our wobbel starter is a customized invitation to the younger. Extra stable in the finishes for wobbled legs, extra light for small arms. Sturdy press felt for a household in which lived. But especially by the gentle curve and the adapted format a real, fully-fledging collapse for the little ones or those who still have difficulty balancing. Moving, playing, fantasizing and resting. Let's get it started.


✔ Smaller, but still keeps 100 kilos of ✔ lighter, so easier for little ones to lift, turn and pull it - ✔ Soft curve, so perfectly balanced
✔ Indestructible and Easy to clean recycled felt, mainly made from recycled bottles
✔ A slender waist and accented corners for maximum stability
✔ through a more compact and unique structure of the wood (we magazine with layers) is the starter®️ more flexible, Because the stability comes to good
✔ Children don't outgrow it quickly, because because of his size there can also be cool skateboard-like moves on it - ✔ It is the ultimate travel wobet® ️: on vacation, to school, to a Playing Appointment

Age: We don't really stick an age. We invite. And see benefits for very young children and children with a "young" motor skill. This WOBEL®️ has been extensively tested like everyone else and is safe from 0 to 100 years.

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Elke Wouters

My little man seeks out what he can do with it, but has already enjoyed us! Ideal for what exercise inside now the little ones cannot do much outside.

Seen afterwards might be better bought with felt

Bobby B.
So nice and so much

So nice and so much fun small bobby gets no enough in a word super !!

Serife a.
Super cool!

Super cool!

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Wobbel starter blank lacquered - Without felt


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