Natural Self

Natural Self is a wonderful brand with 100% Natural Care products. All Natural Self are fully produced in Belgium. To complete the picture, they use Natural Self only certified recyclable packaging. Here, sustainability is also central to everything they do at Natural Self.

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Self care products
Natural Self develops care products for sensitive skin. They are 100% Vegan and halal. You will find all kinds of products to provide your skin such as the Natural Self bodybutter, bodyscrub, bodywash, .... And when the sun shines you will also find the sun cream of Natural Self back to us! We love it!

Self sun cream
The Natural Self sunscreen protects your skin against the sun and restores her moisture balance. This sun cream is suitable for the delicate skin. Self's sun cream has a sun protection factor of 30. Super handy sun cream because it is not sticky and spreads smoothly.

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