Nanami is a Dutch Lifestyle brand. This brand has a beautiful baby and lifestyle textile collection inspired by nature.

These kids items are pure indulgences for your little one. They have a wide range of baby cocoon nests, blankets, feeding cushions, teddy backpacks, and so much more.

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First time to school?

Will your little treasure soon for the first time to the daycare center? Or are they the big step to kindergarten?

With the Nanami backpacks, he or she is ready for it! They are available in cotton fabric or a super soft teddy. These teddy backpacks have a size of 30 x 25 cm.

Nanami feeding pillows

Did you see the beautiful feeding pillows of Nanami already? This cushion is very multifunctional. It is also suitable as a relaxation pillow and for support during your pregnancy. If your child learns to sit, this cushion is also very good support.

These cushions are available in different colors and shapes. Meet dog Olly, Nanami Nanook, or whale momo. Nursing pillow covers are washable and also the pillow can be carefully washed out (not too often).

Discover the collection of Nanami in our assortment here!


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