Difrax has been active since 1967 as Dutch family business. It was arrested by Dimphna and Frank van Eijkelenborg. They have led this company with heart and soul all those years. In 1999 the daughter, Vivienne, took over. She went looking for good products that are also beautiful. Together with a medical panel, Difrax developed innovative and innovative baby products under the leadership of Vivienne.

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Difrax Pacifiers
Difrax has a large assortment of baby products . For example, we are a huge fan of their pacifiers at the yellow flamingo. Difrax has been known for these tutjes for years and we totally agree with that . We recommend replacing the pacifier every six weeks. Also pull the suction section daily to check whether the teat is undamaged.

The Tutjes of Difrax were specially designed for newborn and premature babies. There are different sizes available and also in different colors. These Difrax pacifiers are Symmetrical and fully filled. This recognizes your baby quickly and will also accept the tut easier.

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