Ailefo was founded in 2015 by Christiane, mama of a daughter. Christiane worked as anesthesis perimeter and stopped this job after 17 years. At that moment she started Ailefo and brought a product on the market where they no longer have to worry about the Safety from her baby when she plays.

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Ailefo was the first brand Organic playing clay on the European market. Together with her daughter, Christiane worked at home to the production of the Ailefo organic playing clay.

So the organic playing clay of Ailefo ultimately emerged with a strong eye for SUSTAINABILITY , Allergy-friendly and whereby the Scandinavian design always comes forward.

ailefo playing clay
The playing clay of Ailefo is suitable for children from the age of 2 years. By a few Natural dyes to use in the playing clay of Ailefo, these colors can slightly hand over on hands and the substrate.

AILEFO stamps
You will also find some nice wooden Stamps Back in us Assortment of Ailefo. With these stamps your child makes his or her clay artwork even more beautiful and unique!

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