The trolleys you find at the yellow flamingo are all super fun items and a real Musthave During a trip for your child! You will find a lot of different trolleys in our range of Kidzroom , Jeune Premier and oh yes also Trixie .

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Mixen & amp; Match with Trixie
so can you match all kinds of different items from Trixie Match with each other because each animal comes back back into the backpacks, trolleys, caps, .... The trixie's trixie travel is very spacious and these have an easily extendable handle. Totally kid proof!

Trixie trolleys
this child case from Trixie is divided into different compartments. This way you can put stuff in front of separately in the separate compartment of this trolley. This Trixie Trolley also has a Water-repellent coating and is this washable on the surface.

Discover all the fun trolleys < Span Data-MCE fragment="1"> in the range of the yellow flamingo!


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