Reusable bags for school

Did you see the reusable snack bags already? These are super hand in use if you have planned a day trip with your cap. If your child has his or her snack, you simply fold up and take no more place in your bag! These Haps Nordic reusable bags can be reused up to 50 times.

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Haps pinches
at Haps Nordic they also think of drinking your child. This way you can now also find the reusable smoothie squeeze bags from Haps Nordic. So you make a nice smoothie or other drink by filling the bag easily via the opening at the bottom.

HAPS Reusable bags
Do you simply close this reusable bag via the sturdy, vacuum zipper . These haps reusable pinches are easily washable by hand and may even be in the dishwasher. They are made from recycled pet bottles and his BPA free.

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