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Do you have the perfect pencil bag already found for your child? You will find a lot of fun pens bags from us from Petit Monkey, Jeune Premier, Trixie, ...

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Trixie Penspacks
Always nice to have a Matchy pen pocket with your bookbag. The Trixie pencils bags are also available in a bookbag with the same print! That way you have Mr Crocodile, Mr Fox, Mrs. Flamingo, .... Does your child have a favorite animal? Then from now now, he or she can go to school with the Trixie bookbag and pencil bag with his favorite animal print!

The pencils of Trixie Are available in different sizes . So you also have a few maxi pens bags where certainly all pens, pens, pencils, ... from your child!

Discover all pencils here in the range of the yellow flamingo!


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