So exciting! Are you having a baby for the first time or do you already have af few baby's walking arround? It always remains super to fully set up the children's room from your child! This way you can find a lot of furniture back in the range of De Gele Flamingo to completely set up the room of your flamingo.

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So you could dress the entire children's room with the Quax furniture, the Jollein seats and what do you think of the nice Childhome or Leander Growing dining chairs? Those are all kinds of beautiful pieces and are a real musthave for your kidsproof house!

Quax kids room

With the Quax furniture you set up a full kids bedroom. Wonderful! We are completely in love with the Hai No Ki Collection of Quax. This Quax collection is timeless and is suitable for both a girls and a boys bedroom.

The Quax baby cots are supercute and you will always find a matching cupboard from your favorite Quax collection.

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