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From birth, your child gets all the care and love he or she needs. Then you dare to think about the Mama or the mommy. At De Gele Flamingo, they also think of the mums because they too earn the very best!

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You naturally want your child to play endlessly with his or her favorite toys. But enjoying a nice and stylish decor is of course also very nice for the mums. This way you will find nice pillows, NOBODINOZ storage basketsCarpets by Lorena Canals, mirrors and other Decoration that allows you to completely set up your house and those completely kids Proof is!

You will also find all kinds of things that are important to you as mommy at De Gele Flamingo:

  • All kinds of accessories for your kid-proof Wooniniging,
  • Useful bags, Mom bags by Nobodinoz,  Childhome, ... in which you can lose everything if you are out with your baby,
  • Nice (fill-in) booklets,
  • All accessories you need to breastfeed your child with all the comfort for the mom with a Nanami nursing pillowAvent breast pump, ...
  • Nice accessories for the kitchen.

Discover the full range for the moms of De Gele Flamingo here.


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