Sleep Aids

Sleeping soft! Does your child often have difficulty sleeping? Or is your child afraid in the dark? Then the sleeping helps that you find at De Gele Flamingo a real musthave for the bedroom of your baby!

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This Sleeping assistance are super diverse! For example, they go from nice night lights from A Little Lovely Company and Atelier Pierre to a supercool star projector of a Little Lovely Company.

Zazu sleep trainers

Do you also have the Zazu sleep trainers that help your child determine when they can get up. For example, you have the Zazu Sleep trainers in different forms such as Davy the dog or are you a bigger fan of the Zazu Schaap?

If Zazu's sleeper trainer colors red and close the eyes, then your child must go to sleep. Bed-time! If your child wakes up the next morning before it is time, this sleeping trainer states how long it takes before you can get up.

Will it take an half hour? Then the screen of the sleep trainer turns orange and then your child know that he or she can hardly get up! Super handy and educational ! Yet?

Discover all sleeping assistance here in the range of the Gele Flamingo! 


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