Are you looking for a practical and still beautiful buggy? With us in our range, you will find a lot of nice buggies from Elodie Details with all kinds of accessories such as the Elodie Details seat cushions in the buggy, The EVE Kids Buggy Boards and so much more!

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The Elodie Mondo folding buggy is compact and lightweight! Super handy, because you can fold the folding buggy so that it can even be on the plane as hand luggage. This Elodie Mondo Buggy comes with a handy travel bag.

Or do you want to pimp your buggy a little? Then Elodie's universal seat cushions are a real musthave for you! In this way, you make this buggy extra soft and comfortable for your child.

Discover all Buggies with accessories here in our assortment! 


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