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Why we love: Liewood

Why we love: Liewood

Great, unique products, Liewood is an expert at it! Every time a Liewood delivery comes in, our hearts skip a beat. Let's be honest, they just do it every time!

Do you want to know more about Liewood? Make sure you read this blog about this lovely brand!


Liewood's mission is simple: to guarantee slow living with products that last for generations. The Danish brand Liewood offers products with an eye on the 'Nordic design tradition' and that since 2015; pure, unique and simple, with an ethical view and a lot of experience. The founder of Liewood, Anne Marie, herself a mother, knows better than anyone what a modern family needs.


liewood fall collection

liewood meal time


Liewood's textile items are always organic or made from recycled materials. The working conditions of their factories are also strictly controlled, under the best conditions. The Liewood items includes everything your baby needs.


Whether you need items for your birth list or a soft cap or sun hat for your toddler, Liewood has it all. The good thing about Liewood? The colours and prints are all combinable.

They are top performers in the design of minimalist prints, in which colours come back from other items. This way your bib will definitely match the new dinner set of your mini or your step with your new pee pot in your bathroom.

liewood step

liewood baby nest



Baby needs at mea

The safe dining sets and cutlery are also always innovative and ultra-convenient. For example, the silicone plates can go in the dishwasher and microwave and they can't break. The cutlery has a handy grip, ideal for starting independent eaters.

Add a beautiful matching placemat and your little flamingo can eat in style. The thermal drinking bottles are also a must-have when your child goes to school. Your drink stays nice and fresh, the bottle does not leak and can take a beating. love!

liewood snack bowls

liewood drinking bottles



All the Liewood toys are designed with great functionality. Now take the baby toys in soft silicone. Easy to clean, light and your child cannot injure himself!

Even the textile toys are still very beautiful after several washes. This way you can be sure that your cuddle cloth will always remain soft. 😍

liewood stacking towers

liewood bedding


The Liewood collection is supplemented every week, so there is always something new to surprise you with. Discover the complete collection here.


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