Why choosing for swaddling?

Why choosing for swaddling?

Security & space limiting

When you swaddle your child, you limit as much as possible of your child's freedom of movement during his or her sleep. Swaddling ensures that your little one does not wake up due to its movements with the hands or feet.

It also ensures that your baby regains the same safe & secure feeling as in the womb. Your child comes from a safe environment & has moved for 9 months with the feeling of having something around him. If you put your little one in a bed or crib with a lot of space, he or she will often get restless. Newborn babies love to cocoon!

The Puckababy sleeping bags are ideal for this to create this feeling because you can roll them up at the bottom. This way your child gets a cozy feeling & they have an edge of fabric that they can kick against with their legs.

Research has shown that babies who are swaddled sleep more peacefully and for longer. They are therefore less likely to wake up due to external stimuli. So, by swaddling your baby or tucking it in tightly, your baby will sleep much more peacefully.

When is the best time to start swaddling?

From birth, you can start to swaddle your baby into a cute swaddle sleeping bag. Not sure if you want to swaddle your baby? Make sure that you start at the latest 7 weeks after the birth.

Phasing out swaddling

It is best to reduce swaddling from 7 to 8 weeks of swaddling. Be sure to take the time for this. Your child needs time to get used to a new situation.

To start, for example, with one arm out of the swaddle and let your child get used to it. In this way, you can gradually go a step further in this until you can completely exchange the swaddle sleeping bag into a regular sleeping bag.

Why not swaddle after a vaccination?

The reason why swaddling should not be used during vaccination is that this could cause a temporary fever. Swaddling is not recommended when you have a fever, because the body has trouble regulating temperature and if they are swaddled tightly against the skin, this only makes it more difficult.

Which swaddle cloth do we recommend to you?

At De Gele Flamingo we have two important brands that we would like to introduce to you. On the one hand, we have the Puckababy Piep swaddle sleeping bags with which you can safely swaddle your baby for a healthy sleep rhythm.

The Puckababy swaddle sleeping bags are made in Europe with a Dutch design of 100% cotton. These Puckababy sleeping bags are patented.

Is your child a thumb? Then we recommend the Ergopouch swaddle sleeping bags. Here you can keep one thumb out of the sleeping bag. The Ergopuch sleeping bags are easy to use & made of organic cotton.

The natural stretch in the fabric allows the baby to move freely but still feels safe and secure because the fabric is tight around the body. You can continue to use this Ergocoon swaddle sleeping bag as a 'normal' sleeping bag afterward. #useful

You can certainly use a large tetra cloth of 120 x 120 cm for swaddling instead of opting for a swaddle sleeping bag.


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