The coolest bikes and scooters by age group

The coolest bikes and scooters by age group

(Learn to) cycle? There is nothing more fun than seeing your child cruising around on his/her favorite scooter or (walking) bike. 

De Gele Flamingo has a wide range of cycling fun for children. How do you find the right size? Read on quick.



For the little ones

From 12 months, balance bikes are the ideal preparation for real cycling because they learn to keep balance. Super cute to see those little ones "crossing around". The Childhome balance bike (€59.95) has 2 wheels at the front and is therefore perfect to start. The retro ride-on car from Vilac (€128), in the style of vintage formula 1 cars, is great for children from 18 months.





Tough and eco: the Wishbone Bike - from 1 year

The coolest grow-along bike: measure the Wishbone Bike. Start as a tricycle from 1 year. From the age of 2 you can transform the bicycle into a balance bike in no time.


Suitable for up to 5 years, so it lasts a long time.

Also in other colors. You can also pimp the saddle and the handles in a cool color. For sale from €159.95

 wishbone bike

wishbone bike


Let's scooter (from 1 year)


Let your child take his/her first steps on the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1 by using it as a balance bike. When your child grows up, your child can transform the Scoot and Ride into a fun scooter.


The Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1 can be used for children from 82 cm to 118 cm. (1 to 5 years old). By pulling the lever, turning the seat and moving the handlebars, you can convert the scooter to a balance bike. For sale from €89.99.




scoot and ride

Your little one will not easily lose his/her balance on this scooter, because the scooter has 2 front wheels, so it is always stable. You will find the scooters in different colors; such as forest, ash, rose and kiwi.


For the bigger children there is also the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 3 and Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 5 and can be used from 3 to 5 years (up to 50kg) and the 5 from 5 to 8 years (up to 80kg). This luxurious, lightweight scooter is equipped with LED lights in the wheels.

Our vlogger Tyler (7) tested this step in the vlog below.






Wow, how beautiful is the Banwood scooter! This scooter with three wheels is an absolute top quality scooter! The scooter is adjustable in three different heights, making them ideal for children aged 3 -7 years.


The rubber handles and the non-slip piece to stand on provide a good grip. The Banwood scooters are for sale in the 6 well-known Banwood colors for 129 euros.




steps and helmets

The most beautiful steel balance bikes - from 15 months

The 2-in-1 Trybike looks super cool with its metal frame and pneumatic tires!


Your little one can really start using it from 15 months, and the bike is also approved for this age. Another unique item on the Trybike is the control disk for the rear wheel. This allows you to lower or raise the bike and make the wheelbase lower or shorter.

This way you create the perfect setting for your little one's level and skills. For sale from €99.95.

bicycle helmet



Is your little one already a little bigger? Then you can turn it into a balance bike with two wheels. (also for sale as a balance bike with two wheels)


On the Vespa (from 1.5 years)

Wow, we love this retro vespa balance bike from Ambosstoys! Your little flamingo will play in style with this cool balance bike! The scooter is light and has three wheels so that your little one can easily ride and turn.


The frame is made of metal, the saddle of imitation leather and the three tires are completely puncture-free. The saddle is quite low, making the balance bike ideal from 18 months. (€239)







The tricycle: learning to cycle with pedals - from 2 years

For all vintage lovers: a tricycle is beautiful and above all ideal if you want to prepare your child for cycling with a real bicycle with pedals. The Foxrider (€159) is Belgian and has a beautiful, vintage and unique design.

The Banwood trike (€149) is a timeless design that your kids will enjoy for years to come. We recommend this from 2 years. The bike is clean and functional and fun! The soft seat and leather finish ensure a high-quality finish.




banwood tricycle  

This bike stimulates the motor development of your kids. Extra nice: the wicker basket and push bar are included.


Top quality with Banwood First Go - from 2.5 years

Why choose a First Go? This balance bike stimulates the motor development and balance of your kids and makes the transition to the pedals easier. This beautiful steel design is timeless and durable. In addition, Banwood plants a tree for every bicycle sold.


Sustainable much! For sale from €149.

banwood bicycle


banwood bicycle

What is the difference between a Trybike and the Banwood First Go?

Both bikes have a nice steel design and are very similar at first sight. You always buy the First Go from Banwood with two wheels and is primarily a balance bike where your child must be able to keep some balance. Does a child learn to cycle on a balance bike with two wheels? Then it is usually a little easier to switch to a bicycle with pedals (without training wheels).

After all, your baby is already used to maintaining balance. The Trybike is for sale as a balance bike with two wheels or with three wheels. The tricycle is already suitable for children from 15 months.

You can then set the saddle to the lowest position. Is your little flamingo ready for a new adventure? Then you can easily disassemble the third wheel and convert the tricycle into a two-wheeler.


The first real bicycle (from 4 years)

Wooden pedals and an aluminum frame: how beautiful is this 16-inch bicycle from Banwood. It was inspired by vintage bicycles, combined with Scandinavian design.

The wicker basket is ideal for transporting your doll or cuddly toy and matches nicely with leather handles and saddle.

In addition, this bicycle with pedals is equipped with reflectors, a bell and lights, safety first. (for sale from €259)

banwood bicycle


banwood bicycle


The saddle and handlebars can be adjusted so that this bike can be used from 4 to 7 years. The wheels can of course be disassembled. This bike is size 16 inches.



Safety first! Helmets for all ages

Safe on the road? Don't forget your helmet for maximum protection! De Gele Flamingo has a wide range of colorful and cool bicycle helmets from different brands: Banwood, Scoot and Ride, Coconuts and Kiddimoto. (For sale from €35.95)

banwood bicycle helmet

banwood helmet



Discover all the cycling fun on our website and enjoy free shipping from €30.








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