The advantages of an Aeromoov Air layer

There is nothing more annoying than a long car ride in the summer with sweat in the house. The heat is often tiring for us, it is certainly difficult for your baby! That is why we are very happy with the Air Layers from Aeromoov. These are perfect if your child often sweats excessively in the car & ensures sufficient air circulation.
The advantages of an Aeromoov Air layer

Aeromoov's air layers are produced with the greatest care & are always available in super cute prints. By using an insert cushion in the car seat or buggy, you can enjoy your new buggy and car seat even longer.


Why we love Aeromoov


Aeromoov carefully selects its products intending to go out more often with your kids and experience the best adventures! They are always looking for products in which your little one is completely safe, which you can use smartly and which fully meet our quality expectations.

Aeromoov's items are always very user-friendly. This way you have the handy air layers and travel cots that you can take compactly with you on a trip, during a weekend away.


Aeromoov air layer


The Aeromoov Air Layer is specially designed for little sweaters. If your child is sweating in the car seat or buggy, we recommend an Air Layer from Aeromoov.

These inlays have a special 3D technology that prevents warm air from accumulating between the backrest and the back of your flamingo. It ensures that there is sufficient air circulation, making hot trips by car much smoother. No more wet backs, legs, or clammy hairs. We are fans!

The Aeromoov summer inserts absorb the moisture of your child. These also ensure that the risk of overheating is reduced. The Aeromoov inlay cushions are also super soft, and comfortable and you can simply wash them in your washing machine at 40°. #useful


Insert cushions in different sizes

We have Aeromoov inlay cushions in different sizes. So you can opt for an air layer from Aeromoov with every car seat or buggy. We are happy to explain which size you use and when!

Size chart for Aeromoov Air Layers
  • Group 0 - This air layer is suitable for the maxi cosi and you can use it until your child is about 15 months old.
  • Group 1 - This insert cushion is suitable for the car seat if your child is between 1 - 4 years old.
  • Group 2/3 - This is suitable for the car seat for children between 3 - 12 years.
  • Group B - These air layers are perfect for the buggy. The Aeromoov inlay cushions fit in any buggy with a 3-point or 5-point belt.



Frequently Asked Questions about the Air Layers

Does the Air Layer also fit in a group 0 car seat with a seat insert?

The Aeromoov group 0 inlay cushion is the smallest size. This also fits in some seat reducers. There is no universal air layer that fits every injector.

Does my air layer from the car seat also fit in the buggy?

No, Unfortunately not. The five-point belt of a buggy is smaller than that of a car seat. The opening of the air layer group B is smaller to ensure that the inlay cushion does not sink into the buggy.

The insert cushion group B is a universal size that fits every model of the car seat buggy!


How do you install the Air Layer Group 0 in the maxi cosi?

How do you install the Air Layer Group 1 in your car seat?

How do you install the Air Layer Group 2 in your car seat?

How to install the Air Layer Group B in the buggy?


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