Foldable Flexi Bath - Stokke

Foldable Flexi Bath - Stokke

The Flexi bath from Stokke is super handy for several reasons. We are happy to explain the advantages of this baby bath & let some moms who tested this nice bath have their say!

Stokke Foldable Bathtub

This Flexi bath is very useful if you don't have much storage space at home. You fold it very compactly so that no space is lost when you are not using the bath.

We love this system. Because it is so compact, you can easily store the bath, however you can also take the bath with you when you travel or when your child is going to stay with the grandparents. #useful

Bath plug with the heat sensor

With the Stokke Flexi Bath, you can see how hot the water is by changing the color of the bath plug. Stokke is always looking for areas for improvement and that is how the heat-sensitive bath plug was added. We are already a huge fan because the stopper indicates the heat of the water in the baby bath based on a color change.

This way you can see at a glance whether the water is not too hot for your child. #handy Still check the water temperature of the baby bath with your elbow. Are you still in doubt? Always use a bath thermometer!

Stokke baby bath vs XL children's bath

You can use the Stokke baby bath from birth to about 4 years. You can purchase a separate Newborn Support here that gives your child extra support and comfort.

This baby bath is 66 cm wide, 35 cm deep and 24 cm high. When folded, this baby bath is still 64 x 24 x 8 cm, very compact so you can store it again after your baby has been in the bath!

Even more fans! The Stokke Flexi Bath Newborn Support won a design award. This baby bath offers optimal ergonomic support for your baby from birth.


Stokke bath XL

The Stokke Flexi bath xl gives your child even more space for water fun! YAY! This children's pool is suitable for children up to about 6 years old.

Even more fun to take a bath with your brother or sister! Plenty of room in this XL version of Stokke!

The Flexi XL baby bath has the following dimensions: 82 cm wide, 41 cm deep and 24 cm high. When folded, this bath measures 78 x 24 x 15 cm. Very compact, so you can store it neatly after your baby has had a bath.

We asked some moms to test this Flexi Bath from Stokke. See below how they experienced this bath.


"The Stokke Flexi bath is something that we should have bought a long time ago.

We have chosen the XL bath because we find it useful if we have a second child they could also take a bath together. Ideal for weekends away, on vacation, to give when they are going to stay somewhere or just to use anywhere in your house.

It takes up almost no space so you can store it anywhere. It is therefore not in the way if you have a smaller bathroom and it is not used.


It is very easy to fold and it unfolds by itself. Another plus is that you can easily open or close it with one hand. Always handy when you're holding your baby yourself. The handy cap (which closes very well!) also indicates whether the water is not too hot, which is certainly an added value for children.

You also don't need a bath thermometer, which is also handy if you take it somewhere.

The bath also empties and no water remains behind, so you don't have to turn it completely upside down to get the last water out. The cap cannot be felt at the bottom of the bath, so you can place it on all surfaces, it remains firmly in place.

The XL bath is also really large, so our 2.5-year-old toddler can easily lie and play in it. Because you can also buy the baby seat separately, we were immediately convinced to take the XL Flexi bath to be able to use it later with a second child."


"We were allowed to test the Flexi Bath Set (with bath stand) from Stokke. You can install the bath stand in no time, but attaching the bath to it is not easy.

Golden tip: use a sturdy flat object that is slightly longer than the 4 clips, slide it under the clips to keep them evenly open. (If you don't keep them open evenly, you really won't succeed.)


You then slide that object from the clips downwards, over the bath and it is immediately clicked into place. (I used the back of a sturdy flat comb. A flat wooden kitchen spatula would also be a good option.)

Once the bath is in the bath position, you can fold it completely. You don't realize how useful that is until you put it away. It takes up much less space than a normal bath (with a separate stand).

Despite the lightweight, it is very sturdy and that gives a safe feeling. Ready to splash? The drain hose allows the water to drain gently without creating a flood. 😉

Flexi Bath is everything Stokke stands for safe, user-friendly, and growth-proof. Has your child exceeded the weight at which you can use the bath position? Then you can use the bath long enough by simply placing it on the floor. Recommended."

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