Outdoor play for toddlers

Outdoor play for toddlers

The sun is starting to shine more and more and the temperatures are rising again. We can already feel those holiday vibes and immediately get into a summer atmosphere!

In this blog, we would like to give you nice tips & tricks on our favorite beach toys & summer toys. We opt for a summer full of fun for our kids, even if you don't have a big garden at home! :-)


Favorite beach toys from our Flamingo Experts

Liewood beach sets

Liewood has a lot of nice beach sets, but also individually nice scoops, watering cans, sand molds, etc. We are a huge fan of the beach sets from Liewood because they always have super nice shapes. So your child makes the most beautiful figures on the beach by the sea or in the sandbox in your garden. YAY!

Liewood also has fun individual beach toys. The Liewood silicone beach bucket is perfect for playing with on the beach or in the sandbox. This is also super fun to take with you on a trip because the bucket can be placed in your travel suitcase!


Quut Beach toys

We are also huge fans of the Quut design beach toys. Quut always opts for fun, unique designs, but these always have a handy function.

This is how you have the Quut Ballo beach bucket. This one looks like a ball, but it is a bucket with a handy function! Nothing is more annoying than fetching water from the sea and coming back to your sandcastle with a half-empty bucket. The round shape ensures that no drop of water is lost. The mold ensures that it can be poured evenly.



Outdoor play in a small garden

Is your garden not that big and are you afraid that your child will get bored quickly during the summer? Say no more! We are happy to give you some great tips to get through the summer full of fun, even with a smaller garden!

Does your child dream of a sandbox in your garden, but is it too small for it? The Burger sandboxes are a good solution for this. These are not only very practical sandpits from the brand new Burger brand but also wonderfully beautiful. It is a real eye-catcher in your garden, YAY!

The Burger sandpits have only just been added to our range and we are already a big fan! It is a Belgian brand & they are produced entirely from sustainable materials.

You can fill these with the beach toys from Quut such as a nice beach bucket, shovels, and shapes. YAY! You can simply put it in the sandbox afterward, close the lid & tidy it up!

Is your child too big to play in the sandbox? Then you just turn this Burger into a nice vegetable garden! You can always replace the lid of the sandbox with a transparent alternative & in this way you create a super nice conservatory in which you can let your child's green fingers emerge!



Our favorite outdoor mini-games

The Liewood of Kid's Concept ring toss game is always a hit! Fun for young and old, who can throw the most rings correctly at home? †

Our sidewalk chalk is also a real must-have & also perfect if you have a small garden! Do you live in a quiet street? It's always fun to draw the entire street with your favorite sidewalk chalk from Twee.


Looking for some water fun in the summer?

You will also find a lot of refreshments in our shop! From inflatable pools to fun sprinklers to pools & air mattresses for the water, YAY!

The sprinklers from Konges Slojd & Swim Essentials provide an afternoon full of water fun in your garden! Who can get past the sprinkler without getting wet? Or does your water rat love to walk past this endlessly? YAY, so much fun!

The pools come in different sizes. The smallest sizes are perfect for our smallest toddlers to introduce to the water for the first time.

From Swim Essentials, we now also have nice frame pools that the whole family can enjoy!

Discover our beach toys here!


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