The best gifts for your 3 or 4 year old

The best gifts for your 3 or 4 year old

Is your child turning 3 or 4 soon? That is gradually becoming a big toddler ūüėČ! At this age, the children are playing together more and more, they go to school and they can already "tarate" a lot ūüėÉ! Your kiddo may still be imitating you a lot and there's quite a bit of room for imagination, yay!

Curious which toys are perfect for every child of 3 and 4 years? Then be sure to read on.


Open ended play

Open-ended play is always a winner. No limits, just play & fun. At this age, a child has a huge imagination, which is why open-ended play is so nice. Your child can decide for himself how the game goes, without an adult determining it.


In addition, open-ended toys broaden the cognitive skills of your mini-me.






Building works fine as a 3-year-old. Does your child also love building towers? Then the magnetic blocks and tiles from Magna-Tiles are definitely a hit. (We even call them the hit of the fall ūüėÉ!)


The Magna Tiles stimulate spatial and technical insight. The transparent colors are very beautiful and give an extra dimension thanks to the light that shines through them. You make the coolest 3D structures with it and it is good for fine motor skills.


The large Modu building blocks are also a hit for the builders! The soft stones are super fun and easy to assemble.


Want to play 'Around the World'? 'The floor is lava'? With Stapelstein's stacking stones, your son or daughter can design their own course! cool!



Way To Play

The flexible¬†WaytoPlay¬†car track is a fantastic toy for any child who loves cars. With the rubber tracks, your child simply designs his/her own car track. You use this on any surface, even in the bath ūüėÉ!


Candylab's super cool retro cars go well with it and just look really nice.





Pretend Play

As with the younger children, a pretend play game is also a big hit with children aged + 3 years. With their considerable imagination they can already imitate an entire game or daily activity of mom or dad. From the age of 3, children really start to play together and they really enjoy it.


A toy kitchen or shop is still a winner for your child.

kid's concept

kid's concept


You can also expand the game with some extras: a wooden scale, for example, to demonstrate the concept of 'heavy' or 'light' or with a cash register and play money to learn counting.

Poppenhuis love

Does your child also act out all kinds of situations? Then a dollhouse is definitely a good move. Decorating the dollhouse, naming the dolls and playing out daily life situations, so much fun!


The Little Dutch dollhouse is super beautiful and comes with a basic set of interior items, but you can always expand it.

little dutch



Also the hit for this age? The beautiful mice with accessories from Maileg. A cute baby mouse in a matchbox as a bed, mom and dad mouse in a large cigar box.

And look at those sweet accessories and furniture? Too cute to collect.


Game time!

Your toddler already knows a lot of concepts and likes to play games with mom or dad. Don't get annoyed, you can now also shop¬†Domino¬†and game goose board in a very nice and contemporary jacket! ūü§ó Super fun to play together and very¬†educational.


Your little flamingo will learn to improve his/her (mathematical) insight, to play together, to wait his/her turn... Moreover, by playing a simple game, your child's self-confidence will also grow.




Making a puzzle (together) is also good for the thinking process. Do not immediately start with a complicated example, but provide a custom puzzle. On our website you will find more than 170 different puzzles.


Get Creative

Drawing, coloring, painting and crafting, YAY! At De Gele Flamingo we think it is very important to stimulate the creativity of your child!


The Tiger Tribe creasets are highly recommended from 3 years. The sets are compact and complete, also nice to take with you on holiday or at a restaurant. For sale in different versions.


Prefer modeling clay? Then the 100% organic play clay from Ailefo is really something for you! No nasty ingredients and beautiful colors!

tiger tribe creaset



Prefer not to do too much tidying up? ūü§ę Check out the Prefer not to do too much tidying up? ūü§ę Check out the¬†creative magnet sets¬†from¬†Janod¬†and¬†Tiger Tribe!

With the magnetsets you can make a lot of magnetic creations on the inside of the box. Good to stimulate creativity and concentration. from Janod and Tiger Tribe!



Smoothly on wheels

Let's ride! A scooter is a great gift for your 3 or 4 year old! How beautiful is the Banwood scooter? The scooter is adjustable in three different heights and grows with your child.


The rubber handles and the non-slip piece to stand on provide a good grip.


Prefer something¬†flashier? ūüėÉ The¬†Highwaykick 3¬†from¬†Scoot and Ride¬†has LED lighting in the wheels. Soooo cool!

scoot and ride step

scoot and ride step


A real bicycle with pedals? The Banwood bicycle (16 inch, from +-4 years) with wooden pedals and aluminum frame is perfect for teaching your child to cycle. The vintage, Scandinavian design is equipped with lights and reflectors and therefore completely safe! Matching helmet and your kiddo is ready to go! 


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