Starting with solid food? Discover handy eating sets!

Starting with solid food? Discover handy eating sets!

Are you going to start solid food for your baby soon? Or have you already started, but could you use some tools? Are you not sure which plates, bowls, and cutlery are ideal for starting children?

Or do you already want to learn to eat the little flamingo independently and could you use some tips? We have collected our toppers in this blog! Useful!

The self-adhesive plates and bowls from Minikoioi are ideal for children who start with solid food, from 4 months or 6 months, or for children who want to (learn to) eat independently. A large suction cup is attached to the bottom of the silicone plate or bowl so that the plate simply sticks to the table or eating tablet. Ideal for the first bites.


So you certainly don't have to worry that your room is covered with vegetable porridge when you're not paying attention ☺!


The items from Minikoioi are made of silicone and can simply be put in the dishwasher and microwave. The bowls also have a handy lid, so you can also store them in the microwave or freezer.


Done By Deer also has some "stick 'n stay" signs in its range.

Which spoons do you use for spoon-feeding for the first time? We recommend a soft silicone spoon. The Skip HopBéaba, and Oxo Tot starter spoons are narrow and flexible, and soft, ideal for baby's little mouths.


After all, your baby is always used to the teat of a bottle or nipple and now has to get used to the structure of a spoon. Then a flexible spoon is ideal to start.


Does your child already want to hold a spoon? The Liva spoons from Liewood have a large handle with non-slip, handy for little hands.



In addition, the mouthpiece has an extra ridge, so that your child will not put the spoon too far in his / her mouth.

Do you want to teach your baby to drink water on its own? Here too, it is best to start with a drinking cup with a soft mouthpiece.


The Oxo Tot drinking cup has a unique design. The soft drinking spout is shaped like an almond. In this way, the spout opens immediately when the baby's lips join.


The top of the cup has a recess so that the nose is not pressed flat when the cup tilts. You can close the cup so you can also take it with you in your diaper bag!

Would you rather choose an open cup at once? Then a silicone cup with handles is ideal. 

Liewood cups are made of silicone. No worries if your child throws it or drops it. 😜


The Béaba cups are also super and thermal so that the drink also stays hot or cold on the go. If you prefer to teach your baby to drink from a cup without a spout, then the Transition Cup from Oxo Tot top can be used as a regular drinking cup later on.

Never enough bibs? The most convenient bibs for independent eaters are preferably LARGE. Our favorite? 

Bibs with sleeves, such as those from Liewood, Timboo and Done By Deer. Silicone bibs with a drip tray at the bottom are also a hit.


You can also rinse it immediately and use it again. Even when you are on the road or holiday, you only need to take one bib with you! Must-have for under your high chair?


A mess mat, like Everleigh & me or Toddlekind's! This keeps your floor nice and clean.



Do you like to take warm snacks with you? The thermal food jars from Liewood and Konges Slojd keep your baby's snack nice and warm, also great for larger pieces for the Rapley method. In the summer it can also keep cooled fruit cold, for example. Later, this thermal storage box is also nice to take to school.


Do you want to introduce your child to new flavors? Let your baby get used to new flavors with the Self Feeder from Minikoioi. You can fill this silicone teether with pieces of fruit or (warm/raw) vegetables so that your child gets to know the taste while sucking.


Are teeth coming through and does your baby suffer from it? Then you can also put cooled fruit in it to relieve the nuisance of teething.

Discover all our handy dining sets, tableware, drinking cups, and cutlery here.



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