S.O.S. Virsuses at home

S.O.S. Virsuses at home

Autumn is back, the schools are open again for a while and there are those first snot bells again ūüėČ! Is your child sick?

At De Gele Flamingo, you will find a lot of must-haves to offer your little one (or yourself) some relief. Curious? Read on quickly.


Ventilation is key

Is your child not feeling well? A virus spreads through droplets of snot, slime, and saliva and can easily spread through the air (or through the hands).

Make sure that the room or bedroom is well ventilated to limit the spread of viruses. The air in the (bed)room should certainly not be too dry. Choose a fresh air purifier or humidifier to help your baby/child sleep better.

A humidifier, such as Vicks's, will ease your baby's breathing and help fight respiratory infections. You can also use these in combination with the VapoPad fragrance tablets. The VapoPads Rosemary & Lavender spread a pleasant scent and can be used from 3 months, the Menthol fragrance tablets can be used from 3 years and are ideal to provide relief from a cold or symptoms of cough or stuffy nose.




Temperature check-in 1, 2, 3

It is not always easy to take the temperature of a baby or child. We prefer a quick and simple way.


The Braun PRT2000 - digital body thermometer is a handy thermometer with an age-dependent fever indicator that makes interpreting a measurement result no longer arbitrary. The easy color codes help you to interpret the result and give an age-related fever alarm. In addition, you have the result in 8 seconds.


Does it need to be even faster? A¬†digital forehead thermometer¬†measures your temperature within 2 seconds. Also useful when your baby is sleeping ūü§ó.



Goodbye snot bubbles!

Snot bells at home? Nothing so annoying! You can easily remove them with a nose cleaner. First, rinse the nose with physiological water and remove the excess mucus with a nasal bulb.

The nasal aspirator removes the excess mucus, making it easier to breathe through the nose. You choose a manual version or a handy electric nose cleaner.


No more cold feet

Are you not feeling 100%? Then it is best to keep your feet nice and warm. The woolen slippers from Alwero are available in different sizes, for babies, children, and adults. By the way, wearing wool ensures that the body maintains its temperature better.



Can it be something extra? The sweet cuddly toys from Senger Naturwelt are cuddly toys and a heating pad in one.

The beautiful goose or bear contains a removable bag with spelled or cherry seeds, which you can warm up in the oven. Extra nice to put in your child's bed, or just for yourself on the couch. ūüėČ


senger naturwelt




Do you have to take your child to the doctor and is he/she a little scared? Very very normal! It is important to acknowledge the fears, however, to reassure your son or daughter.

You can prepare your little flamingo for a doctor's visit with a toy doctor's bag. This way your child will already recognize all kinds of objects.


Pretend play¬†is an ideal way to introduce your child to the doctor or the hospital in a playful way. ūüėä


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