Milestone: First Time to Kindergarten!

Milestone: First Time to Kindergarten!

Is your child going to school for the first time after the holidays? Wow, what a big step! Chances are that you are a little more nervous than your little one 😉! Logically, it's all very exciting!

In this blog, we give you some nice tips & tricks to look forward to the long-awaited first day at school of your almost-toddler.

How do I prepare my toddler?

It is nice to prepare your little flamingo for school and thus get to know the school a bit. Tell him/her about the class, about the teacher and the habits at school. Do they have fruit and drink moments in the classroom? Let your child choose a snack box and a cool drinking bottle.

Choose a drinking bottle that your child can easily open. What would your child like to bring for lunch? Who is the teacher or master?

Check out the possibilities together and make it a party!

You can also practice at home together to open the boxes and bottle 😍! A bottle with a straw or an easy-click cap, such as those from Liewood (from €22), is ideal for toddlers.


Tip: Take the school items with you for a nice picnic in the park (or at home in rainy weather 😉) and let your child take everything out of the bag and load it again.

(In the photos: Liewood backpack, Liewood drinking bottle)


Choose your favorite school items together

Some children make the transition to school easy, others have more difficulty, this depends on the child. If your child is already familiar with a crèche or daycare, this can make the transition to kindergarten easier.

Make your child especially proud to go to school and tell him/her that it is another step towards 'getting bigger. Choose a nice backpack or satchel together and make it a pleasant moment.

Take a cool picture of your son or daughter with the school bag and show it to him/her. "Look how big you are already!" wow

(On the photos: backpacks by Konges Slojd and Trixie)



Talk about the new school in a fun, relaxed way. A kindergarten book about going to school is also a fun way to prepare your child. A countdown calendar can also enthuse your child to go to school.

(In the photos: book bag from Sticky Lemon, snack boxes from Liewood)

Has the big moment arrived? Let your little one bring a cuddly toy! When some tears fall, this well-known boyfriend can bring some comfort. Also, tell your toddler when you will be back so that your little flamingo will not be faced with surprises.

Good luck to the boarding toddler (and mom and dad!).

Discover all 'back to school' items together with your little one via this link.


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