Everything you need on the go

Everything you need on the go

The last month has started, you are 36 weeks pregnant and the countdown can begin. Is your maternity bag already packed?

If not, don't worry, here are some tips on how to make your "flight suitcase". Is the car seat already installed? What will you use to transport the baby from hospital to home?


Maybe you opt for an ergonomic baby carrier or wrap? In this blog we would like to give expectant moms and dads some more information about the things you need to safely go out with your baby.


When your baby is born and you want to transport your son or daughter by car, you naturally need a Maxi Cosi or other common car seat for group 0. You can fasten the Group 0 car seat in the car with the seat belt, or you can opt for a handy Isofix base, in which you can click the car seat into place. We choose safe travel systems!


It is useful to have one or more covers for your car seat at home. A leaking diaper or a sour burp can make the Maxi Cosi dirty and a cover can be washed quickly.


footmuff for the Maxi Cosi is also a real must-have. This keeps your baby nice and warm and has handy holes for the straps.

nobodinoz footmuff

maxi cosi


In the photo: Footmuff for Maxi Cosi by Nobodinoz and cover for Maxi Cosi by Trixie


Are you due during the slightly warmer months? The Air Layer from Aeromoov is great to prevent your baby from sweating too much. Done with clammy backs and wet hair.



Do you prefer something more compact? The Doona Car Seat and Buggy-in-one is the most convenient on the market. The group 0 car seat can be converted into a handy pram at the touch of a button. So you no longer have to carry heavy car seats.

The integrated wheels ensure that you can take your Brussels sprout out of the car in less than 10 seconds and set out on foot. How cool!


maxi cosi cover

maxi cosi cover


Long drive ahead? Fortunately, there are many fun baby toys to attach to the car seat. A carriage tensioner, spiral or activity toy are also nice to attach to the pram.

 done by deer baby toys

done by deer babytoys



Carrying a baby has many benefits. You can very easily meet a number of basic needs of your baby. Children want to see, smell and hear their parents, and they also feel so safe, just like in mom's tummy. You, too, you have your hands free, it gives you more time to do other things hands-free.


Why choose an ergonomic sling or baby carrier from De Gele Flamingo? Your child is always in an ergonomic, hip-safe M-position. safety first!

Do you want to read more about wearing? Here you will find more information.


baby carriers


baby carriers


In the photo: baby carriers from Tula and Ergobaby



If you are well and truly settled with your brand new sprout, you want your child to get to know the world. That first time outside is often quite an adventure! Make it easy on yourself with the right tools.

Choose a handy diaper bag with several compartments to easily find everything. Handy is a bag that you can hang on the push bar with hooks.

Are you already feeding your baby solid food? Then tightly sealable jars are a must. If you feed your child with the bottle, the milk powder storage box is ideal, so you always have enough portions with you!


 mom bags


quax mom bag

In the photos: baby bags from Jem+Bea and Quax


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