Bad nights? Discover our sleeptrainers!

Bad nights? Discover our sleeptrainers!

Oh how annoying it can be, those sleepless nights... Or your little flamingo standing at your bed again at night... Or way too early... Did you know that many nice sleep aids can help your child help with a better night's sleep? Do both you and your little one benefit from that? Then be sure to read on!

Sleep trainers from 18 months

Meet Pam The Penguin from Zazu! This cute penguin (available in different colors) is both a night light, sleep trainer, and wireless speaker. cool!


With Pam, your toddler learns when it is time to get out of bed, playfully. How? You can easily set the time when it's time to get out of bed.

For example, your child can get out of his/her bed at 7 am. You set the alarm clock at 7 a.m.

At 6.30 am (half an hour before getting up) Pam turns orange; it's almost time to get up. After using this alarm clock for a few nights, your child will make the link with the colors and the time to get up. Yay!


Pam is also a cozy night light, your child then chooses the color of the light: white, pink, red, green, or multicolor. The light will turn off automatically after 30 minutes. Want to keep it burning longer?

Then you can easily click it into the base station. A story or lullaby? Also possible! You can connect Pam to your smartphone and play songs via Bluetooth connection.



Prefer a sheep or dog? Sam, The Sheep, and Davy, The Dog are also great to sleep, trainers! When your child goes to bed, Davy or Sam close their eyes, and the screen turns red. Time for bed!


If your baby wakes up the next day when it's not time to get up yet, Davy, The Dog will show you how long it will be before he wakes up. If it's only half an hour before it's time to wake up, Davy's screen will glow orange.

Your child only has to be patient for a while! The stars on the screen count down when the half-hour is up. Do the eyes open and the screen turns green? Then your baby can get up.

You set whether this is with sound or without. Suppose your child is still asleep, he/she does not necessarily have to be woken up.


When Davy, The Dog, or Sam, The Sheep opens their eyes (at a time set by mom or dad), the screen lights up green and the sun appears on the screen, it's time to get up. This can be done with or without sound so that your child does not necessarily have to be woken up if it is still sleeping well.

You can also choose to have the light turn green at a specific time, but have the alarm clock go off with sound half an hour later. Both Sam and Davy also just work like night lights.


Rocket Apollo from Flow Amsterdam is a sleep trainer, light and digital clock-in-one.


The LED lights indicate how long it will be before it is time to go to bed, or when it is time to get up. Apollo will turn orange or green depending on the mode. You can also use Apollo as an alarm clock, with or without music. You can easily charge the rocket with a USB connection.



Prefer a regular night lamp? You can also shop the Apollo rocket in small or large size as a night light. Tapping the lamp changes color.


You can use a sleep trainer from 18 months/2 years and use it as long as you find it necessary or as long as your child likes it. The sleep alarms are also ideal to start with during a holiday period, so you can be sure that your child has found a good rhythm at the start of the school year.


Discover all sleep trainers here.


First aid to sleep from birth

There are also many useful sleep aids for younger babies. A projector that shines stars or drops on the wall or ceiling while playing a calm, soothing melody can calm your baby down.


Both Wally the Whale, Harry the Hedgehog, and Cody, The Crab are the ideal sleep aids from Zazu.




They will turn your baby's bedroom into a magical starry sky and play soothing music: womb sounds (so that your baby feels safe again), natural ocean, or soothing music. The handy smart cry detector ensures that the sounds are immediately switched on again when your baby cries.


Mama Bieke (@hetbezigbieke) tested Cody, The Crab: "My son keeps staring at the ceiling a little longer in the morning when he wakes up, that way we have an hour more sleep 😴. If he wakes up at night and Cody jumps again, he is calmer while waiting for his milk. Less screeching, pleasant. "


What is White Noise?

White noise is a constant, monotonous sound similar to a vacuum cleaner or fan. What does white noise do? It cuts out other ambient noises, making it easier for your baby to sleep. It is reassuring, soothing, and similar to the sounds of the womb.


Robin, The Racoon, Felix, The Fox and Becky, The Rabbit from Zazu are cuddle cloths that play the white noise, among other things. Suzy, the compact music box also plays white noise, among other things.


Bears and bunnies of Moonie

Moonie cuddly toys are made from wonderfully soft organic cotton and have 5 natural, calming sounds that promote your baby's peaceful sleep. Extra fun? You can choose from 5 different LED lights that come from the belly of the cuddly toy. These lights remind your little one of the safe environment of the womb, comfort, and calm.


Moonie automatically switches on again via the smart cry detector, according to the chosen settings, light, and/or sound of your choice. Moonie will undoubtedly become your baby's best friend.




Are you looking for a sleep aid for a baby younger than 18 months? Click here.


For young babies/toddlers, a star projector, music box, or cuddle cloth can be very nice to sleep in.


Are you looking for a nice night light? Click here.



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