Aerosleep: The premium benefits of inclined sleeping

Aerosleep:  The premium benefits of inclined sleeping

heavy night makes for a tough day, and that applies to parents, but certainly also to babies. We are not telling you anything new here, but the impact of a good night's sleep should not be underestimated. And some nights are just better than others.

But why is that sometimes the case? Why is our little one not sleeping well? What causes those nightly crying spells, that restless tossing, those long, long nights?


Reflux, a recurring problem

No parent who does not come into contact with it: reflux is an extremely common phenomenon in babies, but one that is actually perfectly normal. Because the muscle at the top of the stomach in small babies does not yet work properly, some food, mixed with stomach acid, sometimes wants to come back up.

In itself nothing serious, many little ones are not bothered by it. Others unfortunately do. And especially when babies are in their bed, they can suffer from that reflux. And then you get those nightly crying spells, that restless tossing, those long nights.

Fortunately, sleeping at an angle can offer solace. Placing your little one on a slight incline is often advised as it will slow down the natural reflux of stomach contents. Inclined sleeping can also provide relief from colic or earache. The Aerosleep Premium mattresses can help you with that.



Lovely sloping sleep


No more towels under the mattress or books under the bed. The Premium mattresses from Aerosleep are two mattresses in one: during normal nights your little one sleeps perfectly horizontally, but on difficult days, stuffy noses, or reflux attacks you can tilt the mattress in one-two-three.

Sufficient to give your baby more comfort, to ensure that stomach acid stays in the stomach, and to relieve pressure on the nose, throat, and ears.

And because the mattresses fit perfectly against the edge of the bed due to their clever shapesafety, and quality, your baby's head and neck are always well supported, in every position. A dream solution. Literal.



Superveilig vrij ademen

By the way, with every Aerosleep mattress you get an Aerosleep mattress protector with the fantastic (and unique) properties that your little one can breathe freely in any position, stays dry and his or her body temperature is kept stable. Those are even more guarantees of good, blissful, peaceful nights.


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