A ball pool at home?

A ball pool at home?

A ball pool at home? Yesss! Completely possible with the beautiful ball pools from Misioo! Safe, nice and soft and pretty in your interior!

How do you choose such a ball pool? And what do the parents actually think?


Misioo is an European brand and designs beautiful toys with an eye for aesthetics. Misioo is the world leader in design ball pools. The ball pools, slides and play mats also fit great in your interior!

The items are refined and fit perfectly with what parents also like. The products are also washable, which is handy with messy children at home.




And what do the parents think? We asked two instamamas!

Mom Anne (@anneengeringh on Instagram): "It cannot be crazy enough when they are in the ball pit together! :-) Lou neatly throws everything over the edge, ball by ball ...

And Juul prefers to jump in the pool as hard as possible! In short, the girls are having a great time with Misioo's ball pool.



Shanah, @borrie_n_lex on Instagram (Mom of Boris and Lex) about Misioo's XXL Ball pool:

After splashing in the pool during the summer, the boys will splash in their XXL ball pool this winter, great bombs can also be made in this ;)!

The big size is really ideal for the older toddler. My boys are 3 and 4 and have plenty of room when the two of them are in it. The ball pool is the ideal hiding place and they regularly startle me when I enter the room.


I often get the question: "Isn't such a ball pool a lot of clean up work?" Well, I give the boys each a basket to pick up balls and they have to throw it back into the b all pool from a certain distance as soon as possible.

No problem here, so! I am sure we will enjoy it for a long time to come!"


How do you choose such a ball pool? We recommend a round or square XL ball pool for children from +/- 6 months (when your child can sit alone) up to and including 4 years. The larger XXL ball pool is certainly also fun for slightly older children.

You buy the ball pool in the color and shape that you like and you also choose the color of your balls yourself. This way you can mix in the colors that you and your little flamingo like (or the colors that fit nicely into your interior ;) )

The ball pool is half filled with 200 balls.

Are you going for baby pink and pearl? Or do you prefer to mix gold with white and transparent?

Colored balls or rather monochrome?



Are you very conscious of the environment? Then the new eco ball pool might be something for you? This soft ball pit is made of eco foam. Like all Misioo ball pools, the cover is machine washable at 30 degrees.

The balls are also BPA-free and therefore 100% safe for your little one.

Want to make it extra fun? The Misioo slide is specially designed for sliding into the ball pool! A beautiful design in sustainable wood. The handles make it easy to move it.



Moreover, the slide is collapsible, so you can quickly put it aside or put it away quickly when cleaning, for example. :)

Got curious? Discover all Misioo items here

















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